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Patient gowns are the same as Dental Patient Gowns. Although marketed as patient gowns, you can rest assured that these are the same products. Look for multi-ply aprons with both a tissue and a polyurethane side to check if they are the same product. This will ensure that these aprons are both water absorbent and water resistant.

Dental Patient Gown is made of multi-layer tissue and polyurethane material. You will see dental or patient gowns marketed by their multiples. It is most common to see the disposable dental bibs come in 2 or 3 layers. Fold most commonly refers to how many layers of tissue paper are included in the apron. More texture solid means the material can absorb any liquid or liquid. While some may prefer 3-ply tissue, it is most common to see professionals go for 2-ply tissue for their patient gown needs.

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