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Jeep Brakes

Jeep Brakes

Jeep brakes are an advanced safety system that is becoming more and more common among models, including family vehicles, in the automobile market. Essentially, brake assist systems help reduce stopping distance when emergency braking is applied in a car. But how does brake assist work? How Does the Brake Assist System Work? This feature is smart enough to detect when the driver is applying the panic brake. It provides optimal braking power by generating maximum pressure on the brakes in response in a scenario where you are trying to avoid colliding with something. By interpreting the speed and force of depressing the brake pedal, the system detects if the driver is attempting to make an emergency stop, and if the brake pedal is not fully applied, the system will override and apply the brakes fully up to the brake pedal. The lock brake system (ABS) is activated to stop the wheels from locking up.

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